treatment of periodontal disease

Affordable Gum Treatment

Affordable Gum Treatment

Diseases which involve the supporting structures of the teeth are the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Fortunately, early detection and treatment of gum disease or gum infection makes it possible for most people to retain their teeth for a lifetime. Gum treatments are aimed at removing the plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and can be achieved through a number of procedures depending on the extent of the problem. Gum disease affects 3 out of 4 people!


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Affordable Treatment Of Gum Disease

Treatment of Gum Disease

If you have been told you have periodontal (gum) disease, you’re not alone. Many adults in the U.S. currently have some form of the disease. Periodontal disease ranges from simple gum inflammation to serious disease that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. In the worst cases, teeth are lost.


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New Patient Special

New Patient Special


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