Dental Care

Emergency Dental Services Los Angeles

Emergency Dental Services

Patients who are suffering from pain and tooth damage due to a dental emergency should make an appointment at St James Dental Group – Los Angeles as soon as possible. Not only can fast treatment eliminate the severe pain that often accompanies these issues, but it can also help guard against long-term effects, which can include serious, potentially systemic infections and loss of oral comfort and appearance.

At St James Dental Group, we will make sure to give you same day appointment if you have a dental emergency. Below,… Continue reading

Gentle Dental Family Practice Los Angeles

Gentle Dentist In Los Angeles

There are many people who have had a previous bad dental experience. But don’t let a bad experience prevent you from taking care of your teeth by going the dentist. All patients of St James dental Group who have had some kind of bad experience in the past, are thrilled to find out that it is now possible to have virtually any dental work accomplished, comfortably, often in only a few visits. And you owe it to yourself to let a gentle dental family practice, Dr. Ladan Zinati to… Continue reading

Affordable Dental Care For Low-Income Adults

Due to financial crisis, visists to dentist has been decreasing especially for adults with low income. This situation really affects both patients and dentist. There is an effort started to provide a lot more low-income Americans adults with needed dental care. In California, since the denti-cal was cut off for adults with low income in 2007, patients are not seeing their dentist for many years. They only visit the dentist when something hurts and opt for an extraction since that is the only dental benefit that denti-cal pays for these individuals. But what… Continue reading

Low Cost Dental Care Los Angeles CA

Some free clinics offer free dental care. Free clinics use volunteer health care providers to give free or low cost dental care to people without insurance. Find out some of it below.

Sweet Kisses – Peaceful, Low Cost Dental Care For Your Pet

http://www.langleytoday.caFri, 13 Sep 2013 01:26:55 GMT

By Reisa Stone. Does your pet have bad breath or clearly dirty teeth? Have your best efforts to clean their teeth led to fur flying and frustration? Learn an Animal Communicator's and former veterinary assistant's step by step, 

Get Access to Low Cost Dental… Continue reading

New Patient Special

New Patient Special


Affordable Dentist

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