Affordable Dentist In Los Angeles Reviews

Los Angeles Dentist Reviews

In these tough times you often end up neglecting your teeth in order to save money. On top of that, the fear of visiting a dentist has perhaps made you reluctant to schedule a check-up or get those pesky crowns repaired. St James Dental Group understands both these concerns and we work hard to make your visit quick, painless and cost-effective.

Depending on where you are in Los Angeles, I will show you some offices with great reviews, starting with St James Dental Group:

At St James Dental Group, our doctors and staff provide a comfortable, respectful, family … Please click dentist reviews to see what    other are saying about us.   4.9 out of 5

Reviews – Affordable Dental Program – PLACE STARS Sun, 14 Oct 2012 03:37:53 -0700

Affordable Dental Program: Orthodontists – 10801 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90034 – reviews, recommendations and comments. 0 reviews found for: Address: 0 star rating. See ‘s rating on PLACE STAR…

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Dental Reviews and testimonials of Dentist in Cudahy California 323-771-7254    Here you can review close to 50 patient video testimonials for Dr. Zinati, at St James Dental Group…

Affordable Dentist With High Quality Service Los Angeles CA Mon, 23 Dec 2013 20:56:00 -0800 Affordable Dentist With High Quality Service Los Angeles CA Everyone has the right and freedom to choose their dentist that fits for their dental …

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“Our Favorite Dentist” Cudahy CA | (323) 771-7254 (323) 771-7254 If you are looking for a caring and gentle dentist in Cudahy CA and surrounding Los Angeles Areas, contact us a…

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            Rating: 4.8 – ‎33 votes



The reason yelp has not put these reviews as recommended is because these patients are not regular users of yelp. So yelp doesn’t see those as “recommended Reviews”! Just a tactic so that the business owner advertises with them (as I was told).


       I recommend St James Dental Group to everyone who needs a dentist who is very caring and understanding and does great work. Dr. Zinati treated me with respect. She”


Dr. Ladan Zinati has been providing top dental care for residence of Los Angeles area and Cudahy CA. She is the owner of St James Dental Group located at 7607 Atlantic Ave., Cudahy, CA 90201  (323) 771-7254. Dentist In Los Angeles Reviews that we have brought to you above, will give you a very good idea of why you would want us to be your dental care provider.

By: Dr. Ladan Zinati

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