Affordable Dental Care For Kids

Dental Care For Kids

Affordable Dental Care For Children

Affordable Dental Care For Kids

Providing dental care for your children can be very expensive. Even two cleanings and examinations in one year, with or without a fluoride treatment and x-rays, can cost a lot. A filling or two for your kid can really strain the family budget. Affordable dental care for kids at St James Dental Group, Cudahy CA makes a lot of sense since we understand the financial impact it may have for some people. You should not postpone your kids dental care due to financial issues; your child’s dental health is important to us as it is to you.

Affordable Access to Dental Care for Children in King County | Big Wed, 30 Jul 2014 20:50:30 GMT

The University of Washington Center for Pediatric Dentistry, part of the School of Dentistry, offers children 1-18, including those with special needs, the full range of dental care – from preventive dental check-ups to …

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4 Preventive Dental Care Tips for Kids | Affordable Dental Center Fri, 25 Apr 2014 16:04:15 GMT

4 Preventive Dental Care Tips for Kids. These can prevent expensive fillings and other dental issues in the future.

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affordable dental care for children

If you need affordable dental care for children, this may be for you. There are no age requirements with our discount plan. Children, seniors, ongoing condit…

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Free dental care and screenings for children in Hampton Roads – Daily Press Fri, 08 Aug 2014 23:15:48 GMT

Free dental care and screenings for children in Hampton RoadsDaily PressThe program has served more than 1,200 children in the past seven years. The program coordinator, Noelle Mangus, schedules dental appointments, provides transportation from schoo …

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Our team is proud to provide personal and affordable family dental care. We see kids and adults of all ages and with all types of dental needs. In addition to our general dentistry services, we also offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide for children, as well as a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers and teeth whitening. We are also happy to provide stress and phobia counseling to make your visit with us as stress-free and friendly as possible. Give us a call for more information about how we can provide you and your family with healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

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Many working families cannot afford good dental care for their children even though parents know the importance of dental check-ups. According to statistics, 130 million Americans do not have dental insurance. Thus, kids’ dental health can suffer as a result. Oral problems are one of the most common reasons why kids miss school and one of the most common reasons for children to visit the emergency room. Don’t let that be your child.

Call our office to learn about our affordable dental care for kids. Ask us about our amazing special which includes: Full Exam, X-rays, and Cleaning. If you are looking for an affordable dentist for kids in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place.

By: Dr. Ladan Zinati

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